How to train the out of box package in AI Center

I am working on a bot that is using out of the box package as ML skill from the AI center but 10-15% of the time ML model fails to extract the information. Is there any way to tune or train the ML skill to make it work better?

Which out of the box model are we talking about? There are a lot :smiley:

Nonetheless, most models are retrainable, yes.

There’s a lot of good information to be found here: Introduction

You can use the Data Extraction Training to retrain your models.

Or read more about the training and evaluation pipelines here:

Last but not least, I really recommend using the Document Understanding Porcess Template for everything concerning DU, you can read more about it here: Document Understanding Process: Studio Template

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Hi T0Bi,
I am using Invoice package. can you please also explain how can i use trainer for unattended bot? Because Present validation Station has to be used for training.

For unattended bots you use the Validation Action: Activities - Create Document Validation Action

It creates a validation station in Action Center.

You should definitely check out the Document Understanding Process Template. It works for attended as well as unattended automation and it’s all that you need.

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