How to disable Terminate Workflow pop up message?

My process is all about to check if an excel file have no data or empty data rows then it will terminate or end the workflow.
My problem is how can i disable the pop up message on the Terminate Workflow activity?

You can use a throw activity instead of terminate workflow and catch it.

How to implement that to my current workflow? Sorry i’m still new.

Flowchart1.xaml (8.6 KB)

Kindly check this workflow and marks as solution if it works for you.
Nilay varshney

Thanks for this, However It is still not work.

Please check my attached (7.2 KB)

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just remove the terminate workflow activity from catch section

But it still go through next workflow. It should not go to the Message Box Activity after try catch.

Flowchart.xaml (8.3 KB)
This Could be done in this way.

Thanks, But i’m not using a flowchart, Is it possible to work this using a sequence?

Terminate workflow always throw that popup whenever it is used.