How to take screenshot for part of area in brower

how to take screenshot for part of area in brower.such as .i want to screenshot from row 2 to row 5,the selector cant set the area for row2 to row5,only can set one row element of the area.
any kinds of suggestion.

Refer this thread. It might be useful.


Hi @davidwance - If the area of the page you want to take the screenshot remains constant, you can use the Take ScreenShot Activitty -> Indicate on Screen Option -> and select F3 key to select the specified region and save it using the Save Image Activity .

  1. Maximize the browser
  2. Get the co-ordinate of the first row
  3. Extend the co-ordinates to capture the screen

I love this answer. I had the same problem as the OP, and your answer did the trick <3

Anyone who is still reading this thread, may like to find the answer in this video: