How to take multiple screenshots on the same page

Hi Team,

I want to take multiple screenshot.

I am able to take one screenshot…but dont know the procedure how to take multiple screenshot on same page.??

Please use the parallel process activity and use the screenshot activity inside it as much you want.


Not sure how to use parallel process activity…can you help

@jimmy_jos1 There is activity called parallel in the use take screen shot


Can you help me with an example business case is

Step 1 : Take screenshot of invoice.
Step 2: click on Accounting
Step 3: Take screenshot of Accounting Details
Step 4: Click Vendor Details
Step 5: Take screenshot of VD

@jimmy_jos1 First take screen shot of invoice than use click activity and take screen shot.


Complex scenario is I have to take the screenshot and paste it to a excel then next screenshot paste it to excel as soon…

If you have any xaml. file that would help here for me to understand…

@jimmy_jos1 This post may be helpful please check it.