How can i take the Screenshot and save it to Excel

I had to take the Screenshot and save it to an excel of particular cell,example "C3"cell,i will be providing link.
Link :Calendar 2022
In the above link i want to take screenshot "january"and save it to excel in "C3"cell value…
example: image
Can any one please help me in this regard… i will be very thankful.

You can use “take screen shot” activity, the image will be stored in a variable, you can write the content of the image to a jpg file and mention the link in excel OR insert the image in the excel.

Hi @saneeth_kandukuri,

To insert the picture you can use this activity. But it works at top and left positions


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Hi Saneeth,

Please find the attached workflow, which i have created as per your query.
You need to take care of the below mentioned 2 things:

  1. Please change all the file paths as per your requirement which i have hard coded in the workflow .
  2. The code is taking user input for inserting the image in excel. Please provide the cell address in that. Eg. “C1”

Let me know if you face any challenge in the code.

Regards, (28.2 KB)

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it is getting error @Suman7 …can u give me screenshot of workflow…please.


PFA the screenshots of the workflow.
Can you tell what error you are getting, so that i can help (260.4 KB)

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