How to take information entered in Input Dialog and enter it into PDF?

I’m trying take the responses entered into the Dialog Box input and using the responses to populate in specific fields in multiple PDF files. Can anyone offer assistance on that?

For example, one Dialog Box asks for the person’s name. After the person types in their name, I want it to populate in the “Write Name Here” blank in the various PDFs. The whole purpose being to alleviate having to type the same information numerous times.

Hi @DerJager

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You can try to achieve the requirement by following below steps.

step1:Get the required person’s name from ‘Input Dialogue’ and store the value in a variable.
step2:Open the Similar PDF files one by one to enter received person’s name in the ‘Write Name Here’ area. This should be a loop.

Note: Below screenshot is only for 1 pdf file but you can implement a loop by reading the multiple pdf files from a folder.

Hope this will help you. Kindly check/test the given solution and close the topic by marking the solving post as ‘solution’.

Thank you.