Copy paste activity


I have a pdf file with numbered multiple choice questions.

On the other hand I have a web browser.

The current steps to add the questions from the pdf file to the web browser form are as follows:

Step 1. Copy selected question from pdf and paste it to the web form initial question text box field and click the search button.

Step 2. The web form looks if the question has been already entered or if there is a similar question. If there is it shows the possible questions it has inside so that you can choose one and these way duplicate questions are avoided. If you see the same question you just select it from the pool and question entry would be finished. (This step requires human interaction)

Step 3. If it is a new question, then a form is displayed with all necessary fields to be filled which are:

Question text box field
Answer 1 text box field
answer 2 text box field
answer 3 text box field
answer 4 text box field
Correct answer text box field

Step 4. Once question and answers are field a save button has to be clicked to finish.

The structure of the pdf files are mostly like.

1 . Question text block
a) answer 1 text
b) answer 2 text
c) answer 3 text
d) answer 4 text

2 . Question text block
a) answer 1 text
b) answer 2 text
c) answer 3 text
d) answer 4 text

And so on…

The correct answer is usually also displayed either on a separate pdf , at the end of the pdf file or by formatting the answer text in bold.

So when I copy the question text I don’t need the number before the question text, and when copying over the answer text I don’t need the a,b,c or d lettering either, i just need the text.

I was thinking that anchor base could be an option to tell uipath to look in to the numbers and letters to just focus on copying the text along with them and then pasting it to the corresponding text box input field on the browser but I don’t know how to implement those steps into uipath since it cannot be completely automated because of step 2.

Hope I made myself clear enough. :slight_smile:

I hope you are able to read the PDF data.
1.Now you need to identify questions using Regular expression based on question pattern. output from regex should be list of ‘questions text’
2.Loop through each question and use another regex to identify answer patterns and grab it.

The process is not meant to be fully automated.

Question texts are searched within db to find possible duplicates first, thus avoiding db cluttering

The only part that could be semi automatic is when copying and pasting the answers to web form.

I need the robot to wait for me to copy the text and have it pasted over to a specific web form input field and have that repeated 4 times, how to do that?

I hope this can help you out.