How to sum inside excel and I tried and getting expression expected

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try this-


Hello Varun

Thanks for quick reply!.
getting below error now-please assist.

Also do you have any contact number to talk and sort like assistance?

type the above statement into - * Open in Advanced Editor

getting below error.

In general how to sum a column and get total in last column?-using studio X.
Since I’m new to this.

Change the scopes of FirstRowIndex and LastRowIndex variables from the variable pane.

I’m sorry this is first time I’m using -what to enter in FirstRowIndex and LastRowIndex?

This is variable panel. In this panel all the variables in the workflow are listed. You can change the scope of variable from here.

Variables not found in Studio X :frowning:

Take a look in data manager

Also try entering like this in normal mode in write cell

Sum(L FirstRowIndex : L LastRowIndex)

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Data mgr shows this below

did it work?

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No my dear friend and ur awesome asking me again…
Posted my full requirement in below path-Kindly help me based on full expected result.

Thanks again so much!