What activity should be used to bring information from the web directly to the db?

db connected ok,
Web->excel->db bring information completed.
But I can’t bring it straight to DB.


What do you mean “bring it straight to DB.”?
You should store you data in some variable and then pass the data from variable to the DB.

Read Range to rangeRead variable (data table) → insert rangeRead variable into DB


hello artshoque
I mean, can you send it to db using read range, insert directly on the web without using Excel?

Sorry, i don’t really understand what you want to achieve.

Add more details.

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you can do like this
when you scraped data form web , data store in DataTable variable after that you can store directly in DataBase

Traditional way :“open browser → data scrapping → write range in excel → read range → db connect → insert”

I don’t want to use Excel.
Is it possible to insert right away without going through an intermediary like Excel?

thank you

Data scraping returns data table as output. Just skip the excel steps and insert data table from data scraping directly to the DB.

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  1. Is that method possible without column designation?
  2. Is it possible to skip write range and read range?
  1. Yes.


Extract Structured Data outputs variable with datatable type.

This datatable will have column designation as setup in scraping process.

Simply change column names in process of extracting data.

  1. Yes.

Just pass the extracted datatable directly to the insert activity.

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Omg x 1231321312321
That’s the answer I want. But I don’t know how to change column names. One last time capture for me, please.


Just change ‘Column1’ to any other word you need.

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What should I click to get Extract Wizard(configure columns)popup?

I can’t find this screen

  1. Click ‘Data Scraping’

  2. Click ‘Next’

  3. Choose first and last elements of the data column.

  4. Then you will see this window.

  5. In the next window you’ll be able to Extract Correlated Date to scrape the next column.

As you can see i scraped the nicknames of sender and receiver of the comments in this topic and named the columns.

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