How to store multiple extracted PDF data through DU into excel

Hi all,
I got an assignment on Document understanding, where i need to extract data from 2 pdf files and need to store in an excel sheet, i tried to extract data from 2 pdfs but only 1 pdf data is storing in excel, how to get 2 pdfs data into it, please assist.

Extract Data Output is Data sets …
Take Build DT
marge zero index table of each pdf to Build DT

at the end …write Build DT data into excel

It depends on how the first output was written to pdf
The same way is possible
Are you facing any challenge in that

Have a view on this academy for more ideas

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Hi Gangadhar,

Please look into the attached pic and advice .

Hi Palani,

Thanks for sharing.

Any further queries on this topic


Hi Palani,
Yes, please look into the attached pic and advice.

can you show code how are you trying to write ?’

Hi Veera,

As below, rest all DU steps are common


before merging datatable make sure that you have data or value in that datatable

Run in debug mode and see the local panel to see whether those datatable variable has value in it

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