How to store config Json file data to dictionary?

Hi Experts,

I have json file attached here and i want to put it’s data in dictionary in the same way we do for config excel.

Settings and constants key & value will remain same but Assets value I have to retrieve from Orchestrator and store it in dictionary, similar way we do for config excel.


json.txt (605 Bytes)

So far i have achieved this:


Hi @ermanoj3101,

Below is the workflow to achieve same, should help you :slight_smile:

LoadConfigJSON - Copy.xaml (13.9 KB)

You can add/delete per your requirement.


Thanks for sharing this.
can you also please share json file with respect to this code so that i can match my json is correct or not ?

Not required now, i have corrected it.


Oh Okay, no worries.

Let me know if works for you :slight_smile:

Sample for how it should be is attached
config - Copy.json (2.4 KB)


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You are awesome, it worked.

Thanks a lot.


I am glad I could help :slight_smile:


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