How to assign json file as key and value to dictionary varible?

Hi , Guys,!!

I want to assign json file data as key and value to dictionary variable to config file.

variable out_Config type dictionary

this is my json file

“OrchestratorQueueName”: “Swivel_Chair_Queue”,
“OrchestratorQueueFolder”: “”,
“logF_BusinessProcessName”: “Framework”,
“InputFilePath”: “InputFile\Sample_Data.xlsx”,
“InputFileSheetName”: “Sheet1”,
“LoginCredential”: “LegacyAppCredentail”,
“OrchestratorFolderPath”: “IT Dept”,
“OrchestratorAssetName”: “GmailCredential”,
“SuccessMailBody”: “Data migrated successfully”,
“SuccessMailSubject”: “Data migrated successfully…”,
“MailPort”: “587”,
“MailServer”: “”,
“SuccessMailTo”: “”,
“FailMailTo”: “”,
“FailMailBody”: “This currebt transaction has failed”,
“FailMailSubject”: “Data migration failed…”,
“SystemExceptionMailTo”: “”,
“SystemExceptionMailSubject”: “Application Exception occurred…”,
“SystemExceptionMailBody”: “Hi, Team System/Application exception has occurred.”,
“MaxRetryNumber”: “0”,
“MaxConsecutiveSystemExceptions”: “0”,
“ExScreenshotsFolderPath”: “Exceptions_Screenshots”,
“LogMessage_GetTransactionData”: “Processing Transaction Number:”,
“LogMessage_GetTransactionDataError”: "Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: ",
“LogMessage_Success”: “Transaction Successful.”,
“LogMessage_BusinessRuleException”: “Business rule exception.”,
“LogMessage_ApplicationException”: “System exception.”,
“ExceptionMessage_ConsecutiveErrors”: "The maximum number of consecutive system exceptions was reached. ",
“RetryNumberGetTransactionItem”: “2”,
“RetryNumberSetTransactionStatus”: “2”,
“ShouldMarkJobAsFaulted”: “FALSE”,
“urlDataScraping”: “Legacy Application Portal”,
“LoginLegacyAppURL”: “Modern Portal Login”,
“InputFileName”: “C:\Users\sanket.shinde\Documents\UiPath\RE_Swivel Chair Inc\InputFile\Sample_Data.xlsx”

Hello @Sanket_Shinde1 Welcome to the UiPath Community Forum.

Please find video tutorial of JSON to Dictionary & please check your JSON is valid or not.

JSON to Dictionary

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Thank you,
Now I have assign those keys and values to out_Config variable,
Then How I can access specific key value using the out_Config variable

@Sanket_Shinde1 Please assign the out_Config variable to local variable defined in main activity or a global variable so that it holds the value throughout the process.

Accessing Dictionary will be like: For example -

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Thank you so much Shantanu Sir, finally I have got the solution.

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