How to stop the bot looping continuously?

Hi all,

The bot is reading OP numbers from an excel, and entering it into an application and extracting OS numbers associated with entered OP number.

Now the bot is clicking on summary tab , entering OP number and then clicking on lines tab and extracting OS number, when it enters another op number and extracts os, it keeps on clicking summary tab and lines tab for 13-14 times for the same OP number.

Why the bot is looping?
How can i make it stop?


You can use Break activity in the loop


Here is a simple way to do it. Just use a While or Do While loop with the condition such as “a = 1” in an Assign activity outside the loop, and do not increase or decrease the value anywhere. Thus all activities within the loop will be executed continuously. Hope this helps!


I tried to use break activity,
But the looping stops after entering 1 OP only, i need the bot to enter all OPs and extract all OS’s, then the bot should stop looping


Do you know how many OPs need to enter and extract?

If Yes, you can try with If condition and give the Break activity.

Or each try with While or Do While loop