Executing the same sequence until no item is left

Hello guys,

I need your help with a process Automation, cause I’m a beginner in UiPath Automation. I have a workflow System where are several applications in a specific Basket. I need to exctract an ID by clicking on each element to get to the application Details. Than I need to copy it to another System to search this application, activate it and copy two numbers from that System to the workflow Audit and close the application in the workflow system.

I created the sequence to execute this but now I don´t know how to tell the robot to do the same process until there is no application left.

I tried data scraping to make it easier but it doesn´t get the Information in the applications it just got the labels of each application displayed.

Thx in advace guys

Hi @SirTobi

Can you share your xaml here to easily address the issue. Thanks.

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Well, if you have the application labels with data scrapping, and all of them are unique, you could try to make the robot loop through that list of labels, clicking on each of them and pulling the data you need. The exact method will depend on your UI elements of course.

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Hi thx a lot,

I solved the Problem with data scraping.

thx for the help

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