How to start with an empty array

I would like to append to an array in my process, but I would like the array to be empty to start with - not sure how to do this as I am getting an error:

Hi @E.T.S

You can create the empty array in this way:

test= New System.String(){}

Hope it helps!!

Perfect thank you! I now have the empty array to star with but when I add an append item to collection activity the array is still empty

Hi @E.T.S

Could you specify your requirement with example so that I can help you.


If I want to add the item “1” to the currently empty test array I used this activity:

and configured it like this:

I wanted to star with an empty array which we have achieved then add items to the array - I am unsure how to add items to the array

For dynamic additions / removals we would recommend to work with lists

myList = new List(of XX)() - xx = String, int32, Double… the needed Datatype

I need to upload these to a queue as a single transaction item - would a list be suitable for this

If so please could you show me how I would code for an empty list then adding items to list in order to add to queue

was already done

Adding items we can use the Activities / code

once we have done we could also convert list to an array by myListVar.ToArray()

please adapt carefully given snippets

Apologies - the amended:

I am getting this error message:

To confirm my variable type is:

I changed my variable type to:

Which gave me this error:

As TypeArgument was not set:

And will work after adaption

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Awesome thank you! Managed to also convert to array using your code above :slight_smile:

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