How to set an Array to empty/null

Hi all,

I am trying to set an Array to empty/null in the event the parameter it is searching for is not available. Here is the activity.

In this activity, if the column “PL” is empty in the excel sheet, I would like it to continue. But in this case since the array “all_relevantPLFile” is empty, it cannot proceed to run, with the error stating object not set to an instance of an object.

Any way I can bypass this?


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Hey @SRoyi ,

I assume u want to create an empty array u have to initialize


Ohhh so that’s how its done. Thanks a lot!

hi @SRoyi

take assign activity place it in then or else as per your need

arrayvariable=new string() {}


all_relevantPLFile = New String() {} ----->’ Assign an empty array

If you need to work with an array even if it’s empty or null, you can assign a default value to the array

Hi @SRoyi ,

While assigning your array, pass the value New String(){} if It’s type of String or pass New List(Of String) if it’s List[string]

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