How to start Dispatcher process when Queue is Empty?

I want to start a job to load the queue whenever the queue is empty, I dont want to create work flow or use any activities, can we do this using any other method?

HI @anto.santhosh

you will have a transition condition like if transaction item is empty go the end process

So ,here you can add additional condition like time (i.e., Transactionitem is Nothing and New DateTime(Now.Year, Now.Month, Now.Day, Now.Hour, Now.Minute, Now.Second) > New DateTime(Now.Year, Now.Month, Now.Day, 08, 59, 0) ) go to end process)

And add another transition if the transaction item is nothing and the time is less than go to get transaction data or initialization according to your requirements and check for the input source if exist add them to queue

Hope this Helps


I dont want to make any changes in work flow nor use studio for this.
Can we check when queue is empty and trigger new process from orchestrator?
Other method i can think is check queue count using api and start job

If you don’t want add any changes into script the best way will be use UiPath API.
From Orchestrator level you can’t do what you want.


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