Process a Queue based on condition

Is there a way to check queue before geting it. What i mean to say is : i have 2 seperate process which dispatches Or adds 2 different Queues to Orchestrator. Lets call them Queue_1 and Queue_2.
I have 3rd process which checks a condition, condition is process Queue_1 only when There is no Queue_2 present in the orchestrator. If Queue_2 exist in orchestrator then delete Queue_1.
Please advise how can i handle this.

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I think we can clear the Queue items, I don’t think it is possible to delete the queue itself.
We can do it using some shortcut, If you want to check whether Queue_2 is there by checking a textfile, which is created by the Process2 which creating queue to items.

So if the text file is available then you can clear the items in the Queue_1 and process Queue_2 alone.


Can you check the below link.