How to Start a Terminal Session for IBM AS400

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I have the AS400 application installed on the same machine where the UiPath studio has been installed.
I want to start the terminal session. But i am getting confused which method i should use i.e: Which provider i should choose and where i will get the connection properties and address details.
Can anyone help me out? @badita

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I used like this

Where i will get that existing profile? Can you just tell how i can get that existing profile ? i.e: The file name and extension.

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you should have client software, mostly that will be provided to access the MF computers

Yes that application has been installed. But can you please tell which file to pick? I can see in that screen shot, UiPath_Test.WS is there.
So how it got created ? It has been created by the application vendors? Or we can also create?

you can create that file. just check you may already have an *.ws file to access MF, I just created a copy of it. open that file in notepad, you can see some settings. I created my own settings, so, I duplicated the file and named as

Hi @jibanjyoti
Kindly explain what procedures you followed

Is it required to have the profile (.ws) file in the same location as …Emulator\

Can we call the profile from some other location like desktop?

You have to use the IBM I Access to create a new session. Save the session on your desktop or any default folder. It will be saved as .ws file.
It depends which terminal you are using, the mode is different for different providers.

@jibanjyoti Thanks. It seems to be working now.

@jibanjyoti I already have AS400 installed , please check if we can install IBM access from below link

Hi @hkjobs1988 not sure about the link.
If you want to download a terminal application for dummy use/experiments, then you can download a tool called “Mocha”.
Here we go with the link:

Wish you a happy automation.


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Thnks @jibanjyoti

I think i got the right file, my observation is , while searching for file to open, in file open prompt select all files. check if my selection is right


You can create a session manually (one time activity) and save that on
desktop. Then create a shortcut of it. Assign a hot key of your choice to
that shortcut in the properties. Use send hotkey activity and open that
session in Uipath.

Hi @jibanjyoti session is created , but activities are not enabled , not sure if allowed in train version

Try restarting the terminal service… In task manager. Close the terminal
and try again.

Hi All,

Getting this error on new machine, any idea

Check the IP Address and network connectivity. Please ensure that you don’t have any network related restrictions.
You can give a try after restarting the terminal service in task manager and reopen the terminal if it is open.


hey mate, I downlaoded mocha as per you suggested. I am new in this legacy system automation. I need to get some hands-on before I am attending my real project on it. I installed mocha.

I would like to know what IP address and details should I provide. I am a noob in mainframe automation.

Do we need to install 3rd party vendors to connect with it? I am planning to connect with Uipath internal rather than IBM, attachmate etc. Can you please help me out.