Dealing With Different Terminal Based Application

Hello All,

I need to understand the different setting in “Terminal Session” Activity while automating terminal application. Please find the screenshot below.

One of the automation I need to automate for my application that is - IBM Access Client Solutions. What all setting we need to set in terminal session.

@loginerror @Lahiru.Fernando @Palaniyappan - May I request you to help me understand this.

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Sorry for the delayed response

Did this thread help us on this

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Hello @jibanjyoti @ddrdushy1 @prajeeth1992

I checked your forum topic on AS400 (How to Start a Terminal Session for IBM AS400) I can not see any .ws file. Once i save the configuration it is saving as .hod

Please advise further on this.


Which mode you are trying? I would recommend you to try the IBM EHLLAPI (you will have to locate the DLL) or Direct Communication( you will have to get the IP address and port no etc).


Mode you meant - Terminal Session Provider? If yes , I was using Attachment Reflection.

Yes I have used Direct Connection, I see some Ui Path Window having that application in it, but that does not have actual terminal window. Do you know, what could be the probable reason?

If I want to try with the IBM EHLLAPI, it requires, DLL, Function, Session, encoding and some other option. Can you let me know each field, how to get?

Hi @Ashish6541 , Can you check this inside C:\Program Files(x86)\IBM\EHLL…? I exactly don’t remember the path. You don’t have to select the other drop downs.

I can not see such path exists on my system.

Do you know? How this can be done using direct connection as well?