How to split multiple links at the same row and column in excel and open to google?

Hi All,

Have you experience do such as read many links from excel which is in the same row and column and paste to google for open and save one by one?

For example, 3 columns (Link1, Link2, Link3) all of them have multiple links and might be 1 or more url’s like 5 above in one row. For each link need to open and save to folder.

Test data :

Kindly advise any best way to do the process.



Try the below steps:

  1. Iterate through your table, get the row values from all 3 columns (in your case they’re Link 1, Link 2, and Link 3) and store it in a variable - you’d have 3 variables after this step.

  2. Split each variable using the dot and square braces delimiter. This should give you an array of URL’s.

  3. Iterate through your array, and use the URL to do your search and remember to remove any of the left square braces using the .Replace method.

  4. Repeat for other variables.

To keep things simple, you could append all the URL’s to a list and then do the search.


I tried out something, let me know if this works for you: Test.xaml (12.4 KB)


I cannot open your xaml, the message is “Document is invalid”

can you resend again?



Here you go: (4.1 KB)

Alright, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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