How to get an url link for each item?

ytest.xaml (9.6 KB)
Also i’d like to know how to open those pages in one window.

can you share supported excel file

Sure here it is :slight_smile:
urls.xlsx (9.4 KB)
Those are just some training links, im still trying to make it work

Column B isn’t important at all i forgot to delete it

url already available in excel than what the exact data you need to scrap

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To be more precise my job is to download item, search it in browser, open it, get 1st link on the page and save it in the outside file.
In the right excel file there wil be no links just ean codes. I just need mechanics to work.
Hope you understand

@Akeno check attached updated xaml file hope its useful

ytest.xaml (10.4 KB)

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It’s great thanks!

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