How to split flowchart window?

I would like to see two different levels of my flowchart at once.

How can I do it?

Thank you

Apologies but can you put the questions again along with some screenshot to understand it better :slight_smile:

Are you trying to see the high level workflow, while looking into another sequance/ flowchart which resides in the same workflow at once?

you may use the outline window on uipath studio to see entire code execution path at one go, if u expan true branch - u can see that and false brach will provide that stream as well. - all in one go.

Thank you for your responses. Outline helps a little bit. But I want to see what is inside Process 1 and Process 2 at the diagram below at once. Everything - blocks, variables - just have the two the same projects opened in one UiPath Studio.

You can use a main sequence activities for the two tasks and add the activities into them… there is an expand and minimize sort of control where you can expand and minimize when required for ease of readability… will that sort of thing work for you?

No, please imagine that Process 1 and Process 2 are 10x further apart.

I am rookie as well, but I don’t think we have that functionality.
I will leave for the experts to confirm.

Actually I am afraid of this too. The only thing I found is to split the whole program to more small workflows because I can open all workflows separately.
I’m just sad that I cannot open one workflow in two windows :smiley:

Just try this

While pressing the ctrl key try scrolling the mouse in and out… this usually works in other tools while enables you to zoom in and out of the design panel… not sure whether it works here… As far as i know… there is no other option too… :slight_smile:

Thanks, I know about zooming.

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