How to simultaneously view UiPath flow and the actual process


Hi All,
I have been trying to figure out a way to view the flow in the UIpath application simultaneously with the actual process. Everytime the UIpath process is run, the application minimizes and I want to be able to view both the things simultaneously. Is it possible to do that?


Yes you can do under debug mode and choose highlight element which even show you where the control going on the application.


Perfect, but this just shows the path being executed inside the flow one
element at a time. Will this also simultaneously show let’s say the actual
applications simultaneously going through the clicks or going through the


I bet you could use a second monitor to hold UiPath Studio to watch the steps while it runs on your main monitor.


some of my colleagues have tried that I think but I am yet to try that.
will try for sure. the Debug on the other hand looks a little bit promising
because it will literally go over each element I think while it shows the
main applications in use. I am yet to try but looks like I will answer my
own question at that point! thanks for all responses and would want to know
if anyone is seeing this in their trials.


I’d even say it’s definitely recommended to have 2+ 1080p+ monitors.
For smooth automating you want as much screen real-estate as you can get - between UiStudio, UiExplorer, application you’re automating and specification documents it’s not going to waste. Not needing to alt+tab really helps to keep high focus.
Do note that it’s usually safest to have the application on main monitor, as the coordinates (if used in any part of the automation) are not separate for each but are continous (there were also some issues reported related to automating on second screen in certain environments, so better safe than sorry :wink: ).


Amazing recomendation :cowboy_hat_face:, right now I’m using two monitors but small ones, and use different applications, i mean is not impossible, but just add a difficult that could be easy put out of the picture.