How to split excel data to different columns?

Please guide if anyone knows?

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Can you please elaborate or provide an example? Also you title of post when you create a topic should be sweet and short, you should elaborate the issue in the description not in title

ok…I have sample pdf & iam getting result as attached.I want that data to be divided into columns.Please guide if u know.

pdf sample2 (1).pdf (12.9 KB)

csv data3.xlsx (9.4 KB)

looks like you can use the “data scraping” tool which recognizes the whole table

I am getting this error when i am doing data scraping.How u did that?

Are u using community edition?How u did that ?Can u explain?

I used the enterprise-version, but this should not make a difference.

I used Acrobat Reader and did a quick test. Do you have accessability enabled in Acrobat? Can you select a single cell with UiExplorer?

I am having pdf tabular with more than 150 pages.When i data scrape ,control is taking for the whole page not table.After that error popup is opening as cannot support data extraction.

Can u tell how u did that?It’s not working for me.After clicking next control is taking for whole page not taking for pdf table.

as i wrote you have to enable “accessability technologies” in acrobat.
You can read how to do this here: