How to split a string based on special character and write in browser form

Hi everyone, i’m facing a issue in web browser form. i’m getting data in excel sheet i need to read that data in and write in web browser form. if the data contains two names(John & Doug) i need to split and write that web browser by clicking add user. i’m able to split the name but i don’t know how to write that in web form.

this type of web form i will get first if it is having two names i need to split and in browser i need to click add another user and i need to write.

this type i will get after clicking on add another user
i’m getting at a time more than 100 data in excel few i will get 2 names and few comes single name . if it is having 2 names means it will be differenciated by special character (&).
can anyone help me how to solve this.
i’m attaching the sample file also.

challenge.xlsx (33.1 KB) Main.xaml (12.5 KB)

Hi @ranaprathap928

U need to handle the case in which the single name comes

u can try an if condition before splitting


If it true

Then use



Do Accordingly in else section.

Hope the idea helps you


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Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR I’m able to split the name but I’m not able write that names in webpage form because both forms are coming in single page

Like this i will get

@NIVED_NAMBIAR I’m using for each loop for splitting name but after that I’m not able to write that in my webpage form because if i click on add another user it will open another form in downside that is the issue I’m facing