How to split name and write in excel

Hi Everyone, i’m facing a issue in excel, i’m getting some data in excel in that data i have to split the data based on special character and i need to write that in another excel but here i’m able to split data but i’m not able to write it in another excel properly. can anyone help me how to solve this.
I’m attaching XAML files also please check
BOT ALLOCATION.xlsx (26.9 KB) CERS.xaml (13.0 KB) New.xlsx (10.0 KB) Spliting_Names.xaml (11.7 KB)

Note : CERS is my main file and Spliting_Names i invoked in CERS Xaml
2: Bot allocationis my data excel and in NEW excel i need to write splitted data

Hi @ranaprathap928 ,

try to use Build data table with adding rows to new data table,

then you can write the full DT into new excel file.


Hi @ranaprathap928 ,

Please provide the expected output in excel sheet. I will try to help you…!


Hi @kadiravan_kalidoss I gave my output in NEW excel sheet 1 i highlighted it check it once

Input : Raghu & raju

O/p. : Raghu (A1 column)
Raju (A2 )

Sure @Latika10011740 I will check this

Hi @ranaprathap928 ,

Please check this file SplitNames_WriteData.xaml (19.2 KB)

sample output: output.xlsx (7.1 KB)


Thanks @kadiravan_kalidoss