How to split 300mb folder into 3 folder

how to split 300mb folder into 3 folder based on size

@Hari_Nani Does the 300 Mb folder contain Further Folders or only Files or is it a Mixture of Both? :sweat_smile:

we have to mix both

@Hari_Nani Should the 300 MB Folder be divided into Hundred 100 Mb Each?

ya yes thats i need…

@Hari_Nani Do we need to put the files in Specific Three Folders or just Create a random name Folder and Put Files in it Upto 100 Mb?

we need to create a random name folder and put files the files upto 100mb in the reach folder. the max size is 100mb for each folder.

@Hari_Nani Check this workflow :
It Doesn’t give you the Exact Output. But it gives you Separated Folders with approximately Equal to 100 KB as I used Size in KB, You can use your value instead. Also what do you want to do if the fie Size itself is more than 100 MB ? Currently those Files which have Size greater than 100 Mb will be present in a Separate Folder.

Also Check the Source Folder Contents and it’s File Size Before Executing.
And After Executing You’ll get Splitted Folders. (154.7 KB)

@supermanPunch u said correct i if file is more than 100mb it has to create another and trasfor to it. i will try that work flow and i will inform you… thank you buddy…