How to ZIP extra large files from one folder into chunks?

Hello, I need to upload extra large data into server,
but there is data limitation to the file size per transfer,
so I need to divide the ZIP into parts.
The files are all in one folder, about more than 30,000 files more than 5GB.

I was thinking of:

  1. Moving the files into sub folders (like 1000 files every folder)
  2. ZIP every folder
    BUT, moving the files into sub folders will take long time since it is in a great size.

Is there any efficient way to do think?
Like ZIP one folder, set the max size before-zip, then zip in chunks?

I prefer it not in part.0001 format since it will be hard to join (I suppose).

Would appreciate any idea or suggestion. Thank you in advance!

There is one third party free tool “Folder Axe” which Splits Large Folders into Chunks with zipping folder option.
Please check it out.


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Hello @KarthikByggari, not sure if we can install it here due to security reasons, but will check it out first! Thank you!