How to sort the data in edit Data Grid inside UiPath Apps

Hi folks,

Need to know, on how we could Sort the data which is loading from a DataService and is being shown in Edit Data Grid.

I want the latest record which was created to be displayed first.
@Arvind_Kumar1 @Parth_Doshi : Do you guys have any idea on how to do this?


Hello @adiijaiin ,

Edit grid do not support Sort into Query builder however after generating your query you can modify the sort filter but remember once you modify it again you will not be able to use into Query builder.

Here is a screen shot ,

See highlighted screen, By default this sort based on sort column, how ever you can write a If else condition on this saying if sort column is nothing when pay load then sort by CreatedDate ( you can choose your field name) and if click then sort by sort column again into else condition.


Hi @Arvind_Kumar1

Even After adding this it’s not sorting it on the latest records first, and column that I have used is a System built-in field called “UpdateTime”, here’s the screenshot for the same.

Are you sure you have correct column name?

UpdateTime is the built-in field name, in Data Service, same as CreatedBy is the name of System built-in field.

Hello @adiijaiin ,

I just looked at my end and its working.

Is this updatedDate a column that you created?

@adiijaiin ,

Its default column.

hi @Arvind_Kumar1

This is the default column Name that is there in my DataService.

which I have put in

Can you try with other custom column if this is working?

Hi @Arvind_Kumar1

Tried with other columns as well, didn’t work.

Replace your Sort function with the below. “UpdateTime” is the default column in Entity
New SortOption(){addSortOption(“UpdateTime”, Not(False))}