How to sort a list of datatables in ascending order

Hello everyone,

I need a help. I have a list of datatables. I want to sort the datatables as per their rows count in ascending order in the same List. Please suggest.

Thank you.

Hello Diva_P
After getting your data, you have to sort the data in ascending order. just use a sort data table activity below the read range activity. In the properties panel of sort data table
make sure the column, index (as a zero), name (which column name you have to ascending), order (ascending) after that you have to insert the write range activity for your ascending order data in a new sheet. lets do this.


Thank you for your response.

Actually my requirement is little different. I have a list of datatables. I want to sort those datatables in ascending order as per their individual rows count.


Can you try the following expression?

listDt = listDt.OrderBy(Function(d) d.Rows.Count).ToList()



Thank you so much @Yoichi :+1: :+1:

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