Sort data table activity is not sorting at all

Hello and thank you in advance.

I have an Excel sheet which I have extracted from a website. I want to sort it in ascending on Column I and I believe it is correct to use index 8 in the Properties pane
clean up Properrties  for the sort
It’s not doing any sort at all. Can anyone tell me why?

Thank you


If you want to sort table in Excel worksheet, you need the following steps.

  1. Get table data as DataTable type variable using Read Range activity.
  2. Then, Sort the DataTable variable using Sort DataTable activity.
  3. Finally, write sorted table to worksheet using Write Range activity.
  4. Save Workbook, if necessary.(In case of using Excel application scope and autosave is disabled)

If you already have datatable variable, you might be able to skip 1.


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Thank you, I’ve done what you’ve suggested and I’ll run it tomorrow and mark this as solved then, if it works
Thank you