How to set variable values due to a data table?

I want to let Uipath set variable values due to a data table.
for example:

Variable Name, Value
Country1 ,USA
Country2 ,Japan
Country3 ,France
… ,…

If I use for each row in data table activity,
I may use assign activity(Row(0).toString=Row(1).toString) in the for each row.
But the left side is string “Country1” not variable “Country1”.

So, how to write the left side of the assign activity to give the country name(USA,Japan,France)
to variable Country1, Country2 and Country3 ?

i didnt get you Please explain deeply

This is not possible, unfortunately. You can not reffer to variable by it’s name taken from another variable (in your case from a column in data table)

You can achive something simmilar by using data dictionary.