Assign variable to the specific place in data table

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I have a problem to find a way how to assign a string variable to the data table. And to be clear, I do not want to add the new row using “Add Data Row”.


I’m using the “For Each Row” activity to collect variable (var1) from the first column of data table, then I’m searching for the information on the web using the “var1” variable. Then I’m using the second variable “var2”, to store the information from the web.
Now, I want to insert this “var2” variable to the same row as the “var1”, but in the next column.

Can you please give me tips on how to do it?
Unfortunately my research do not gave me any useful results.

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inside the for each row loop use a assign activity like this
row(“yournextcolumnname”) = “yourvalue”
this will assign the value we found in the same row but of the column we mention

simple isnt it
Cheers @Rokko

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@Rokko Build DataTable with new Column for eg: result whatever you want to name it then insert value with row index of the current row you are processing

@Palaniyappan Thank you so much! I believed this will be simple, but I had no idea how to start!
Works great for me!

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