Assigning Variables from Specific Datatable


Suppose I have the following data in a data table and suppose Test1, Test2, and Test3 always exist in this table. Is there an easy way to assign the integers in column 2 to variables based on column 1. For example, create a variable called Test2Value and always assign it to Test2’s corresponding value in column 2? Feels like this should be simple but I am struggling.


when it is all static then dtData.Rows(1)(1).toString / conversion to Int32 maybe a better approach instead of seperating it to different variables

Another approach could also be to get it represented within a dictionary.

Maybe you can tell us on what motivates you have an accessible datatype reflected in different variables? What your main goal?


Variable names cannot be used with variables…so it would be better if you use a dictionary in which you can store the required values in the dictionary with the name you need and can access using the name or the key

dict("Key") = "Value" is how you assign the value to the required dictionary

and to use dict("Key") should do