How To Set Up OKTA Integration With Orchestrator On Azure PaaS App Service?

How to integrate OKTA with Azure App Service PaaS Webapp hosted Orchestrator?

The OKTA certificate comes in an untrusted format, and we have a setting in order to skip the certificate validation so that this can be set up on Azure App Service (since it is not possible to use the option WEBSITE_LOAD_ROOT_CERTIFICATES in a shared instance of Azure App Service, only in ASE)

Follow the detailed instructions at Publish To Identity Server.

  • It is needed to turn the Application Setting "App__Saml2ValidCertificateOnly" to "false" on the Identity App Service's settings. This should get the OKTA integration running, or at least solve this particular error.

Note: This should work for any Orchestrator version where the parameter appears in the documentation. Check prior to attempting.