SAML SSO and UiPath Cloud Platform

Is it possible to use a SAML identity provider (such as Ping Federate) with the UiPath Cloud Platform?

I have tried to find a definitive answer for this, but have been unable to so far.

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hi @rwilkinson
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I identity provider and management is available
please refer this below

Hi @rwilkinson
We only support Microsoft, Google and LinkedIn authentication on the UiPath Cloud Platform. Unfortunately, you will not be able to integrate with any other identity provider at this time.

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for the response, this has answered my question, we are looking to move to Cloud from on-prem Orchestrator and need to know which identity provider(s) is/are available.

Hi @Matthew, just want to follow up on this. By now do you support other SSO (like OKTA) for cloud orchestrator?

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Hi @atinder
At the moment, UiPath Automation Cloud does not support SSO using OKTA. However, UiPath does have plans of adding SAML support which would mean that you could integrate with OKTA in the future. I am not in the position to say when SAML support will be added to Automation Cloud. My recommendation is to watch out for an announcement in this Forum.

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