How to set 'open browser' properties to open only one browser?

I want to access multiple web pages and do data scraping. See the attached images.

I pass the ‘var_url’ variable which indicates urls to access multiple pages one by one.

With the settings shown in the attached image, Studio tries to open the browser screen as many as the number of urls. It puts a lot of strain on the CPU.

How can I do to do this project in one browser screen?

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Hi @greenlee

In the loop once open the web page, scrape the data you can close the browser ,so on next loop only one browser will be open at a time.


How to close the old browser? Manually? or with setting?


You can use close tab activity or close application activity or close window activity all of them will close the browser try and pick which works best for you.

I would use close tab though.


Great! prasath_S.
I will try it and leave the result.


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If the issue is resolved after testing, please mark it as solution and close the thread so it may be useful to others.

Else let us know


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I just confirmed that this works very well. Thanks for the forum rules.

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