Close newly Opened Chrome browser


I Want to close the browser which is newly opened by Bot instead of closing all the session in the same chrome browser.

I do not wish to kill the browser.

Any solution here?

Srenivasan Kannan

we can use CLOSE TAB activity

Thanks… buddy

But am opening a new session , I mean new browser. Hope you get my point

What is the Use of output- UiBrowser Variable in - Open Browser Activity


hmm…fine then with SEND HOT KEY with key as alt+f4
but use a CLICK inside the browser before using this activity

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Create one browser variable for Open Browser activity like you created it already in the attached screenshot and pass this browser variable into Close Tab activity to close that page only instead of all other opened sessions.


Hi , the use of browser variable as output at ‘open browser’ activity is , it will store that browser tab’s (in case new session then that session’s ) properties

So when you want to use attach browser activity for the tool to operate on same browser , you can give the above browser variable as input
This is useful when you want to close particular tab/ browser session with ‘close tab’ activity , and switching between multiple browser tabs

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