How can I close a number of opened Internet Explorer one after another and leave only one url open?


I want to close all opened Internet Explorer browsers but only leave one internet explorer with a certain URL open?

I tried using Close Application activity but it closes all the Internet Explorer browser. Is there a way to filter this activity then?


Hi @Englebert_Diongson,

Where you want to kill all the internet explorer browser in your process, kill all the internet explorers first and then use open browser activity with the URL.

Hello @anil5 ,

My goal is to close all internet explorer and leave the one URL behind since it needs to be open because it is a precondition for a workflow. Opening another browser is not an option because I need to login again and use captcha (anti robot system). I need to keep that URL open to avoid that screnario.

suppose there are 3 windows of internet explorer and i am assuming, you would have used open browser activity to open 3 windows.

When using open browser the output is a browser variable, now use this variable in close tab activity, close tab activity accepts browser variable and this will close that particular window only and do the same with others.

And don’t perform the operation to the window which you want it to be open.

Can you perform these steps, and let me know if it works.


I will try your suggestion.



I have tried it but, sometimes it closes the other IE browser i need to keep open.

Is there a way we can check all open iexplorer applications and close those we want closed? I tried using Get Processes Command but, I think it also gets the processes of other accounts, if 2 accounts are using the same IP (server).


We can go to process in task manager and check, but all internet explorer windows will have same process name as iexplore.

One thing where you are opening the browser after completion of the process in the same workflow why are not closing the browser, and why are you using multiple windows

I always have a close browser after a process. And leave the one URL that need not to be closed.

But when the Robot experience System error (experienced inside the process), it forgets to close the workflow making the browser left as open resulting to multiple browser opened when that same system error is experienced every run of the process (unattended robot).

See when System error happens where the workflow goes next, i think it will be going to exception block, and put a close browser there.

Yup. That’s the one I want to modify. Instead of closing all internet explorer, I just need to close all except one URL. Is there a checking for all opened iexplorer browsers then choose only those you want to close?

this might be able to help you out

Hello ,
You can simply take Attach Browser activity-Create output variable with Variable type as browser, in that indicate the browser which you want to close. Compare selector id &make dynamic as per your requirement. And use close tab &pass output of attach browser.