How to set default browser to chrome



Hi everyone,

I am beginner in uipath.
Now I have a little problem with default browser that is:
When I drag an attach browser to my workflow, it is always IE web browser.
But I usually use chrome for testing. So I have to change from IE -> chrome.
Now i am finding way to set the default browser to chrome.
please help me if you have any idea for this problem.

Thanks and best Regards,
Hoang Anh.


Hi @anhth15,

After drag the attach browser activity, you can change the browser type in properties panel like IE, Chrome and firefox. Check this image: image


Hi @lakshman,

Thank you so much for your quick answer.
But I think you misunderstand my question.
I mean I don’t want to change browser type to Chrome after I drag attach browser activity into workflow. I want to find somewhere for setting default browser to chrome. So I don’t need to change the browser type every time I use it.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Hoang Anh.


you could have a look on this:

basically you could modify the reigstry entry using .NET expresions

i think the path is:


hi @theo500,

Thank you for your answer. But I think you misunderstand my question.
I mean I want to use attach browser with default browser is chrome.
I don’t want to change from IE -> chrome every time I use that activity.

Thanks and best Regards,
Hoang Anh.


Never tried this , but add the activity to a xaml file make your changes and drop the file in snippets folder.Drag the activity from snippet every time.Give it a shot if you are comfortable.


thank you for your solution. But I don’t think that is what I am finding.

Best Regards,
Hoang Anh.