How to set color in excel

hey i working on excel sheet i want to set the color of row so when the status is "Match i want to show complete row with yellow color in excel sheet i inserted data dynamically

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Hey @pankaj

You can use Set Range Color activity here.

You can check this post for sample workflow :slight_smile:
Fill excel color / highlight cells - #2 by vvaidya


but how to set the range in set Range Color for my requirement because data is inserted dynamically

Hey @pankaj

If you are using it in a loop then also you can use counter and assign that with range like this “A”+counter and so and so till what cell count you want.


I think this demo can help you, let me know please

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Sorry, I spent around 3 hours now to get the answers and posting in open threads. Because many cases are still open and the answers might have not been appropriate what they are looking for.

Hi There, just because it’s a video don’t feel it’s spamming. I have spent enough hours today to get what is asked. There are multiple such open threads and many people may close the open threads just because they found an answer. Give me a chance bro, I think no harm if all those open threads are closed! I hope you can understand me!

I don’t mind the hard work you put in your videos. But for example, this thread is over 3 years old. You are even answering on 7 year old topics. Most of them are already answered by users themselves or by others. It looks like you didn’t read the posts.
If you want to contribute it is better to start a new post and explain your idea and demo. So the UiPath Staff can address it to the correct place on the forum. Check this topic for example. Your video would stay in the picture for a longer time and for users to bookmark or track the page.

That was such a constructive feedback. I accept and this will help! I respect you for this!

Thank you very much and I have a created a new post following your feedback!

That was such a eye opener for me! :slight_smile:

Didn’t mean to be harsch. Sorry about that. Have send a personal message. I appreciate the work you do, but there were better ways to tell your story on this forum. Keep the video’s coming.

very helpful!thankss