How to specify range in Set Range Color

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I have attached a screenshot below to better specifying what exactly I am trying to do

I am trying to set a row to a certain cell color if one of the values in a column is less than 50. However, I am unsure as exactly how to specify the range to only highlight those columns A-G as it loops through each row. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

In Set Range Color, set the range value.

For example if you want to set the color for row no. 2 for columns A-G, then Range is β€œA2:G2”

You can use a counter if the row number is dynamic. Increase the counter for each time it loops.

  • Range - The cell or cell range whose color is to be changed. For example, you can use either β€œA1:C1” or β€œB4”. Only strings and string variables are supported. Strings have to be placed between quotation marks.

To get the color from a particular cell, use the following activity. The output of this activity is color and you can pass it to the Set Color Activity.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi there,

I tried to follow the advice you suggested, but it seems that I am running into another issue. I tried to make the row number dynamic by assigning a counter variable (Counter=Counter+1), then including that variable in the Range for the Set Range Color.

I tried to do the following:
β€œA” +Counter+: β€œG”+Counter
β€œA” Counter: β€œG” Counter

These expressions do not seem to work. Any input would be greatly appreciated

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Mention like Counter.Tostring buddy
Not Counter…
You were almost done
The reason is counter is of type int32 and we need to take that as string in order to concatenate buddy @mgartner
Cheers @mgartner

Did that work buddy @mgartner

Yes it did, thanks! The solution was:

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