How to send WhatsApp broadcast through UiPath

Hi, i want to do whatsapp automation. I have an excel which contains 1000 Contact numbers. i need to send a broadcast message to all those contacts. But in WhatsApp web or WhatsApp application in PC doesn’t have broadcast Option. Can i know how to send the message to all the contacts in less time?

Note : I have tried sending the message individually as broadcast Option is not available, but it is very time consuming.

Please Help, Thanks in Advance.

It seems that WhatsApp has an API for business so you could do that if you buy their business plan.
If not you might have to find some 3rd party solution

Hi @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud

You can try installing a mobile simulator like bluestack etc and try automating the broadcast part inside that as it would simulate a mobile view