How To Send SMS To 300 Numbers At A Time Using Mobile Automation

My Requirement is to Send SMS for 300 mobile numbers using mobile automation can anyone plz help me to do this task.

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Hi @Ajit_Chowdary

For mobile sms to numbers

I think there are third party application like way2sms via which u can able to send the SMS if needed

Also there is UIpath.Twilio.Activities via which u can able to send sms or even call

I forget to add that as well

If u want to know more about twilio activity usage

Check the video by @Parth_Doshi


Nived N :robot:

Hi @Ajit_Chowdary

There are multiple options CFL send sms

  1. If it’s with twilio

For Sample xaml on twilio and each field description

  1. If it is with other way around

Pls refer the below link with sample xaml if you are using other ways of sending sms without twilio

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Ajit_Chowdary