How to extract emails id's from excel and send it to outlook based on date column in excel

I want to extract email from from excel and send to multiple people based on the particular date which is also one of the column in excel. The body of that email should consist of the image along with the name of the person(excel column) that matches the date

I didn’t exactly understand your problem. Could you share an example of your excel?

Name Date Email
ABC 7/20
PQR 8/17
XYZ 8/18

For eg. if today is 8/18, an email should be sent to all the email id’s above with a message wishing XYZ

You can use Read Range activity to save all the columns in a DataTable named information. Then you use the For each row activity. Inside the For each row activity you put an If with the statement row.Item(1).ToString = Now. If the data match you put the Send Email activity with the destinatary row.Item(2).ToString and the body with row.Item(0).ToString. Let me know if works !

Main.xaml (8.3 KB)

I don’t understand what is wrong.

Check if the Excel column date is in the same format of the Now.toString. If the problem is that, you can put in the correct format this way: Now.Month + “/” + Now.Day ==> 08/10 for example. For a most robust solution have a look in this link: Get Help from UiPath Support Services | UiPath

You can adjust the date variable with the right format. Please let me know how is the date format in your excel.

Please have a look in this file. I put two Message Box with two formats of Date. The Now.String return also the time (My bad). (7.9 KB)