How to send multiples emails using switch case

What is the best way to send multiple emails using switch case

I developed this activity as an attachment, but sometimes it doesn’t work, it doesn’t forward the emails even though the numbers below exist.

Remembering that there is a filter in a previous activity to separate the numbers.

I tested the activity of filtering the column by number several times and it works perfectly



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So are you getting the Input as Integer?

Also tell me are your facing any issue with the send mails?


Entries are all in STRINGS

I’m having problems when sending emails when I enter SWICH CASE , sometimes it doesn’t enter this activity

How quickly is it trying to send the emails and how many? Your email server probably has a security feature that limits how many emails one connection can send in what amount of time to avoid spam.

I added logs in the process and identified that the problem is that even though the number is not entering the switch case.

The first thing I went to check was if there was any email blocking