How to send mail in

Dear Experts,

I want to send mail with adding excel files
my email is working only in website only
which activity should i use?
could anyone help me please

Thanks in Advance

Try SMTP sending mail activity


  1. Server Address:
  2. Username: Your Zoho Mail address (e.g. whatever comes before
  3. Password: Your ZOHO Mail password.
  4. Alternatice Port Number: 465 (With SSL/TLS)
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Thanks @RAMESH_G
Yes, I tried

but it’s not working

Check the properties once

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for your references

@Palaniyappan can you have a look about this issue

we can use our UIPATH MAIL activities like SMTP, EXCHANGE, but we need to ensure that the port and server of your mail domain supports these SMTP or EXCHANGE features, like how we have for outlook and gmail with smtp server, exchange server, imap and pop3…

Cheers @Abubakkar

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Can I send mail through website ?
is it possible?

yah if its possible to do manually then its possible with our UiPath Activities
Cheers @Abubakkar

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If you have the Zoho Mail Add-on in your CRM account then you will able to get email tab

  1. First, click on the Emails tab.

  2. Now Click Compose from the left board.

While entering the recipient email, by determining the initial 3 letters of a name, you can look through the leads or contacts in CRM.
As far as possible while sending messages utilizing Zoho Mail Add-on is 10MB. (Applicable in any Edition) See Also Attachment Limit
The rest is the ordinary Email process. The make window is like any mail create supervisor with its arrangement of altering and organizing choices. In the event that you have arranged your outbox, the sends will be sent following a timespan of minutes.