Cannot acquire a license in Get IMAP Mail Messages

Dear all,

I am trying to get a mail message on Zoho mail via: “Get IMAP Mail Messages” but it always response

The connection I get: follow the Zoho setting

This is my setting

Please help me to check it

Unfortunately I can’t see the image with the error. While I am not too familiar with zoho email, in general IMAP servers work the same, consider the following:

Since you’re using port 993, change Secure connection to SslOnConnect or StartTls instead of Auto


  • Verify if IMAP is enabled for the specified account
  • Verify if zoho has an additional security feature to connect through IMAP (i.e. less secure apps in gmail)
  • Try to set the account on a mail client and use the same configuration in UiPath, (outlook or thunderbird should be ok)

Hope this works for you.

Hi @peter.p !

I never used Zoho mail, but let’s try step by step.
I wonder if you could also try SecureConnection with None.
Also, what if you try to put “” for the server name ?

Dear Edwin,

Thanks for the suggestion it helps me to must


Dear Hiba,

Thanks for your info. I have tried with SecureConnection with None. But it doesn’t work. After that, I have been attempting to change Secure connection to SslOnConnect and it usually works.


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