How to send emails with dynamic addressee with html message created in Uipath

I have created my html email template in Uipath. I want to send emails to variable addressees: Dear Albert…xxx” and another email to “Dear Evelyn…xxx”.

However, have encountered issue where the two emails were addressed to “Dear Albert” . How do I send emails with variable email addressees? I have attached my excel spreadsheet and uipath file. Please help.

Example.xaml (9.8 KB) Excel_Template.xlsx (11.6 KB)

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have a look here on an initial approach for using a template, replace placeholders by values

so in your case it could have a flow like:

  • read excel
  • read template file
  • replace placeholders by vlaues from excel
  • send email

as the flow is driven by iterating over the excel rows from readin, it is done dynamicly

Thanks for your reply. In this case, can I use ‘Assign’ and ‘Replace’ to replace the placeholder? If can, how to do it, please ?

just go through the solutions from provided link and sencond reference to get more details:

Yes, was done with a replace